The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: B is for Bandages, Burns, and Bug Bites

Like most retail pharmacists, I end up giving lots of advice on over-the-counter medications and treatments.  While I can’t diagnose an ailment, I can offer my opinion of what would be best to help out.   Most questions are pretty straight forward like “How do I treat my poison ivy?” or “What’s the best cream for my ant bites?”  Every now and then I’ll see something that is unusual that requires a doctor’s visit.

I enjoy being able to help guests out, especially the kids.  Sometimes, all it takes is a princess bandage to make them feel all better.  And, when I have the time, it’s nice to go out on the floor and help someone find what would be best.  In fact, I occasionally wear a pedometer just to see  if I can walk 10,000 steps during a typical day.

When I first graduated from pharmacy school, questions about over-the-counter treatments scared me to death.  Believe it or not, pharmacy students don’t get that much education on OTC medications.  Anytime anyone would ask something, I would have to look up the answers.  This was circa 1997, so the internet wasn’t readily available.  Luckily, over the years it’s become easier, less intimidating, and even quite enjoyable learning about my guests and the best first aid for them!

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  1. I personally LOVE the way the pharmacists at this store get to know customers and you can tell they “really care”! The little extras like the princess bandages for our little ones are what keeps us coming back.

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