Stress Relief, Target Style.

One of the most stressful seasons for our team when it comes to ordering, replenishing and making sure we are in stock on our items, is holiday. I mean, what do you think… We ARE in the business of retail, so that is only to be expected! That being said, us “Target-ites” work hard, but allow ourselves to play just as hard.

One of the great things about being part of such a cohesive and vibrant team is the fun opportunities we take to bond and connect with the people with whom we spend 40+ hours a week. Most teams try to plan a monthly outing to do something fun, relax and enjoy the afternoon free from spreadsheets and e-mails. Some notable outings that have happened in the last 6 months have been brewery tours, a peddle pub, State Fair trips, Twins games, lawn bowling at Brits and many happy hours.

When we were in the midst of holiday season this year, our team took the opportunity to enjoy some much needed downtime. After a morning in the office we all got in our cars and headed to Park Tavern to get our bowl on. And let me tell you, if anyone thought we were a competitive team when it came to work, they sure as heck haven’t seen us bowling together! After separating our skill levels (that’s right, it was that serious) we enjoyed bowling, some delicious pizza and  a few adult beverages while spending time with our team. After that we all found a spot to sit and get to know each other better, toss around some jokes and simply take a break from our hard work.

I am not going to lie to you and say that this job isn’t stressful, demanding and downright frustrating at times. Some weeks I work 35 hours and get all of my things done, and the next I work 50 hours and wish I had more time. But the biggest thing I have to say about that is that it is worth it. It is almost like a study abroad experience in its own special way. You get immersed quickly in all of these surreal experiences, and a lot is expected out of you. A new culture, a new language, new people and new responsibilities. But in the end you learn much more than sitting in a classroom or taking the easy route, and every day you can go home knowing you accomplished something great.

I forgot to tell you that the trophy was finally revealed at our outing as well! Our team name mounted high upon a golden diaper. But if you want it at your desk, you have to earn it 🙂

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