New Year’s Resolutions – Distribution Center Edition

I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve been guilty for deciding on a New Year’s resolution and quickly forgetting about it once the middle of January rolls around. However, this year will be different! Our Distribution Center is currently in the midst of a two month well-being challenge that is helping jump start and sustain our focus on well-being.

In December, we chose teams and came up with fun and creative team names (I’m representing Team Spice Girls of course!). Each week, we award ourselves points on a well-being scorecard. Different challenges are worth varying amounts of points. Some examples of challenges include: 2 points for every 15 minutes of physical activity you complete a day, -1 point for each unhealthy snack you consume, or 4 points for every volunteer event you attend. The team with the most points at the end of the two months wins!

This has been a friendly competition and it has pushed us all to focus on our well-being. It’s been awesome to see the teamwork and support within each team. My resolution is to drink more water while I’m at work and I was recently contemplating having a pop last week at lunch. One of my fellow Spice Girls told me that I would have to then subtract a point from my weekly total. That made my decision easy. Water it was!

Currently we are in 4th place, however we are quickly gaining points on The Cut Crew Team and Team Wolf Pack and we hope to make one last burst this last week in the competition! I will be sure to get some partake in some physical activity, eat healthy snacks and avoid pop!

Even if we don’t finish at the top, I can proudly say that my New Year’s resolution this year lasted at least one month longer than last year’s!

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  1. This wellness challenge was so much fun and I definitely appreciate the sustained changes I have in place now. I am eating so much better and I am much more active. My favorite part of the challenge was including social activities. It can be easy to forget how much meaningful relationships contribute to our overall well-being. Even though we finished the challenge last week, my new year’s wellness resolutions are still in place!

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