2012 Triathlon Club Kick-Off

If you would have told me at the beginning of 2011 that I would participate in both an indoor and outdoor triathlon, I would have told you that you were off your rocker!

I didn’t know it at the time, but with a little pushing (i.e. shoving) from a friend from grad school, I would sign up for these events and complete them with a big smile on my face.  Beginning last year and continuing this year, I’ve been an active member of the Target Triathlon Club.  At headquarters, we have 6 Business Councils (known other places as Employee Resource Groups) and over 100 networks and clubs, including the Triathlon Club.  This is a group that is designed to create a community within Target for people who have a shared interest in multi-sport.

This past week, at our 2012 kick-off, we were able to hear from our executive sponsor, co-chairs and even a special guest, Joel Runyon – one of my favorite bloggers!  He writes The Blog of Impossible Things, where he talks about pushing your limits, taking risks and living a life worth writing about.  It was a unique opportunity to have a guest speaker come and inspire the group over lunch.  He shared his personal story, including completing his first triathlon on a mountain bike (very hard to do!) and pushing himself to do a marathon and tons more.  The above picture features me on the left, Joel from The Blog of Impossible Things in the middle and my friend, Katie, who is one of the co-chairs for the Triathlon Club.

The Target Triathlon Club has allowed me to meet tons of people who share my same interests and can discuss events, tips and tricks, and funny stories.  It’s also one of the many ways that I find myself knowing people throughout our entire company!

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5 Replies to “2012 Triathlon Club Kick-Off”

  1. Sukie- I am always amazed at how far you have come on your fitness and health journey! I am still grateful to you for the motivation and encouragement you provided that inspired me to commit to a more active lifestyle. I reap the benefits every day as I know do you!

  2. Sukie!

    You are my hero….I believe you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it.

    You’ve always inspired me…maybe I’ll sign up for a walk a thon 🙂
    Nice job!

  3. absolutely LOVE this post! so fun to see the tri club continue to grow, challenge and reach so many people. thanks for the tri club shout out via the pulse blog — you are the best sukie! here’s to an active, happy and healthy lifestyle 🙂

  4. Hi Sukie! I found Joel, and consequently YOU, after a friend of mine (@Susanlacke) posted a great article for women and triathlon on his blog.

    After reading more about you, I was compelled to say ROCK ON! Congrats on the full-double-twist dive into the multisport pool.

    And, given Target’s Tri Club coolness, I wanted to offer one thing to you and your fellow multi-sport compadres: GOTRIbal.
    The only worldwide community of active, endurance multisport junkies who share their journey with each other so that each can be successful (and have a smile painted on their faces, whether they do a race or never opt for one).
    Can’t wait to keep following your journey…

    onward and upward, always!
    It’s about the lifestyle, not the event!

  5. Informative suggestions , I loved the facts – Does someone know where my assistant would be able to access a fillable a form copy to work with ?

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