The Mission: Pack Food and Have Tons of Fun

Last week, I was able to spend my Friday afternoon volunteering with my friends (i.e. awesome Talent Acquisition co-workers).  A few folks on our team organized the event, which included about 20 people from the Talent Acquisition Strategy & Operations team.  We gathered at Feed My Starving Children to spend a few hours packing food that would be sent to hungry people throughout the world.  Feed My Starving Children is an organization that started in Minnesota, where Target is headquartered, and receives quite a few Target visitors throughout the year.

The room of volunteers, many from Target, but many from other organizations and groups was organized into pod-style working groups.  As we would hit milestones in our food packing, we were encouraged to shout things to let the other tables bagging food know how we were doing.  We used these shout-outs to say recruiting slogans, call out a team member at another table (“Janna is bananas!”) and talk a bit of smack to our co-workers at other tables. We also sang along and even danced to the music piping into the room (Michael Jackson is a favorite of a few of us!).

Had you come in to take a sneak peek at what we were doing, you probably would have had quite a laugh.  The thing is, in my time at Target, I’ve come to see that we have fun no matter what we are doing.  Whether my team is working, volunteering together, or anything else, we like to make it fun.

Not only is volunteering allowed, but it’s encouraged as a way to support our community giving and a way to bond as a team.  Because I’ve only worked at Target, I sometimes take for granted that it’s a pretty unique thing that I can participate in the school-based Big Brothers Big Sisters during work hours.

It’s also really fun to see your friends wearing hairnets!

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