The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: A is for Appreciation

Holy cow!  One of our former guest’s family members just delivered flowers to our pharmacy in appreciation for taking such good care of  her mom.  We just found out Ms. “R” passed away this week.  We had been delivering prescriptions to her for several years, and I had no idea we meant so much to her.

Our pharmacy is a little unique in that we deliver prescriptions to a local assisted living facility.  The residents are self-sufficient but, for the most part, no longer drive.  Some of our guests (Target’s terminology for customers) we know quite well.   Others, not so much.  Ms. “R” was that way.  We rarely heard from her, and I’m not so sure I had ever even met her.  But, come to find out, she had been filling out those little surveys that appear on the bottom of certain receipts, bragging all about us.  Talk about motivation to please our guests!  I am thankful to be in a position to help out not only the residents but also the family members.

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