And the Journey Begins…

For some reason, I just keep coming back. I would like to say I started my career at Target the day I was born, but I guess it would be more accurate to say that I have supported OTHER’S careers at Target for the past 22 years. There is something about the smell, feel and look of the stores that just keeps me returning to maintain my obsession with this company, shall we call it a “Tarjay-obsesh” for short? Go ahead, add it to your dictionary.

This love of business led me to college at St. Thomas with a major in Entrepreneurship and Spanish- who doesn’t want to run their own company? My goal was to think up an incredible idea, market it perfectly, make a couple billion the first year in business retiring at the ripe age of 23. Hey, a girl can dream right? I knew starting my own business would be difficult, but it was my biggest desire, and that is when I heard about an internship position at Target Headquarters. The description fit my needs perfectly. A Business Analyst at Target, very simply, is given a portion of Target’s inventory to manage. In a bit more complex terms, they are basically running their own business within Target. So cool.

After I interviewed on campus and was accepted into the internship program, I was ecstatic. My internship would occur the summer in-between my junior and senior years at college and I was placed on a team at After some intense training, my fellow interns and I were put to work. I learned a lot that summer about networking (attending team happy hours was SUCH a hassle…), maintaining a good image (new clothes for work? Can’t fight that argument Mom), and how to work 40 hours a week (no comment). At the end of the summer, after giving a presentation to my team, I was offered the privilege of returning to Target for a full time position after graduation if I wanted to. Was that even a question?

It is a year and a half later and I am now starting my sixth month on the job, loving every day of work. I do not love turning off the alarm so early in the morning, or the relationship I now have with a daily coffee, but my career challenges me and the view of the Minneapolis skyline is hard to beat. One thing that continues to amaze me however, is realizing daily just how much I don’t know about business. Coming from being a senior at a top Minnesota business school, earning first place in the annual business challenge, being the president of several clubs and maintaining good grades, I thought I was cooler than a Midwest winter. Then I was placed in an office building full of other people who also went to fabulous schools, started and ran extracurricular activities and had dreams just as big as mine. That is when it sank in… Holy crap, I don’t actually know anything.

That feeling has multiplied since having graduated from the Target Training Program a couple weeks ago and being officially placed as the Business Analyst for Health, Personal Care and Baby at While overwhelming and stressful at times, I still can’t believe the things I get to do. From writing orders of half a million dollars a week, to meeting with vendors, the responsibilities Target trusts their employees with is astounding. From here on out we are in this together and I can’t wait to bring you on this journey with me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Target story in such a funny and entertaining way! “Cooler than a Midwest winter” – hilarious! 🙂

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