A Winter “Tailgate” to Kickoff a Successful 2012

Who would have ever thought we could have a tailgate in the middle of a Minnesota winter? The Distribution Center in Fridley, MN kicked off 2012 with food, games, and a presentation of our goals for 2012.

One of our goals for this year is to continue to focus on our personal well-being. Small changes can be made to improve our overall well-being. Instead of your typical tailgating food such as hot dogs and hamburgers, we provided a healthy salad bar to promote our health well-being. The variety of toppings and salad dressings were endless and the team enjoyed a healthy snack!

We also provided resources and information posted around the break room that stated our building goals for 2012.  One of our building goals is to have a green score for best practice. Best practices are common processes used by each distribution center to operate efficiently and in the safest way possible. We are scored each year based on how compliant we are with each best practice. Having a green score is the best score you can get and it has been our goal to achieve a green score each year.

Another building goal is safety. Our team is committed to leaving the distribution center in the same way they arrived, free of injuries! We track the number of injuries that occur at the distribution center and we also get a score based on how safe we work. Again, green is the best score and it is also our goal. If you’re sensing a trend with the green theme, you are right on! Kermit the Frog actually helped us promote being green in some of the posters we hung up with our goals.

As always, we were able to tie in some fun with this event! To create an indoor tailgate atmosphere we set up a bags game and ladder golf for our team to enjoy. I was of course a little rusty since I haven’t played those games since the fall, but still had tons of fun!

Overall the event was a huge success. We were able to promote our health well-being with the salad bar, learn about all the exciting goals for 2012 all while having a fun tailgating experience!

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  1. Ho_w long before I fill out application and I hear “back fro?m mgmt? Kevin Haggerty

  2. Thanks for your interest in joining #TeamTarget. Our guest services team should be able to assist you with your application questions: 800.591.3869

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